Everywhere we turn these days, we are greeted by visions of a collapsing old economy – an economy that puts profit before people and planet; that puts Wall Street before Main Street; that puts short term growth before long term sustainability; and that puts the wealth of the few before the welfare of the many.

Yet most of us fail to see that in the cracks of that collapsing order, the seeds of sustainable and equitable alternatives have begun to take root. From a renaissance of worker-owned cooperatives in Cleveland, to the pioneering of a new measure of social well being in Bhutan, stories of resistance and resilience in the face of a failed capitalism are all around us. Together, such stories reveal the contours of a new economic landscape and have the power to open our eyes to solutions that lay within our reach. But to take these stories to the level of action, we need to breathe life into them. And that's what the New Economy Film Festival aims to do.


As the old system enters its death throes, we are seeing the proliferation of models of “local living” economies, sustainable communities, and transition towns, as well as new business models, including social enterprises and for-benefit and worker-owned businesses that prioritize community and environment over profit and growth. These are scenes of the future, and they provide powerful inspiration.
— Gus Speth